Van Riper House

Van Riper House Built Circa 1725The Van Riper House has been occupied by families up until the time ITT took over the property in 1945.

The original part of the house which was built in 1708.

The addition was added in 1788.

The house does not need to be re-constructed in any way, as it is all in its original form. It does need a lot of work to be restored.

You can help, with donations or sweat-equity, or both.

For more information, write to

(Donations & sweat-equity, new members welcome)

Van Riper House Historic Trust
PO Box 110031
Nutley NJ 07110

Site comments are not regularly monitored. Please address inquiries to the snail-mail address. Thanks.


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10 Responses to Van Riper House

  1. Ernest Duncan says:


    Just discovered this site. Magnificent!. My Great Great Grandmother (Henry Duncan’s wife) was Jane Van Winkle. Her father was a Van Riper.

    The world just keeps getting smaller.

    Thanks again for your help.


  2. Andy Van Riper says:

    i would just like to say, thank you for restoring my ansestors home

    • Ernest Duncan says:


      Do you have any geneological history of the Van Ripers? My Great, Great, Great Grandmother was Jane Van Riper. I believe her mother’s maiden name was Van Winkle. She married Henry Duncan about 1850 +/- 5 years. They initially lived in North Belleville (now Nutley), NJ.

      Any information or resources you can direct me to would be greatly appreciated.

      Ernie Duncan

  3. Visser says:

    Would suggest that wikipedia article be expanded to draw attetnion to this historic property and mission to restore it.

  4. John Riper says:

    It is already more than 12 years ago that my wife Karin and I visited the House in Nutley (see: It is good to hear that it is being restored finally!
    For genealogical information on Van Riper and the Dutch/German Riper/Rieper, please visit
    Best regards, Karin and John Riper

  5. Joey Van Riper says:

    Yo! When are youse guys gonna get this house done? I wanna bring my kids to see it. I gotta a guy for windows if you need ’em

  6. Andrea says:


    I am also a descendent of Juriah Van Riper. Are there any future restoration activities planned that I join?

    Kind regards,

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